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WiscoFit is a professional coaching gym with one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the greater Milwaukee area. Many of our staff have been with us for 4+ years, which is unheard of in the fitness industry that averages a 6-8 month turnover rate. In our industry, one can usually attends a weekend seminar and then start coaching or even open their own gym the very next week. That does not happen at WiscoFit. Each and every one of our staff attend continuing education seminars yearly, carry multiple certifications, and have a true passion for building and developing their coaching skills.

We are firm believers that some movement is better than no movement. Meaning, as long as you get up and do some kind of exercise you are beating the averages, whether it’s with us or not. However, if you want to learn functional movements, get out of pain, learn to lift heavy things without getting hurt and have fun while you do it, you will not find a better group of amazing people to help you with those goals than the coaching staff at WiscoFit.

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Our Facility

There are very few gyms like ours in the Milwaukee area with 2 separate gym floors which allows us to run multiple classes at the same time. We will typically run a 5am Thrive class on one side and 5am Hybrid class on the other. The energy in the building is electric despite the time. You might just find you love that time slot like many of our members have.

Our space also allows our personal training clients their own private area to work with their coach. No loud distractions from the group class in the background, which allows for complete focused attention from your coach. After all, that is what you are paying for.

We have all the amenities you would typically find at any traditional gym in the area; ADA accessible bathrooms, ADA accessible showers, lobby to socialize with friends more equipment than you’ll ever need but love having access too!

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Our Culture

We are also one of two gyms in the greater Milwaukee area to offer 24/7 365 access to our members. Can’t make a class but like the workout that was programmed that day? Awesome, we can help!! Come get your fitness on when it works for your schedule. We understand life gets crazy. We want our gym and equipment to be used by you as much as possible so we limit you to only our class times.

The most important factor at our gym is our culture. We believe in celebrating the little things, picking you up when you fall and being there for everything in between. When you are surrounded by a group of people who truly care for your health and well being, the only person that will stand in your way will be you!


Fully Qualified Instructors

Our goal is to show people they are capable of more than they realize. Be Ready For Change!

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