Over the last several years we’ve shared what we at WiscoFit call “Rest Day Reads” with our members on Thursdays in a members only group. It was called Rest Day Reads because Thursday are programmed to be lower intensity days or a complete rest day for our athletes. Our gym is still open we just do things a little different on Thursdays. On these days we encourage them to look in to new or interesting topics that may help open their perspective on what fitness is and what it means to them. When you have a better understanding of what fitness means to you, it’s easier to pursue and achieve that goal.

In 2018 we rebranded our business front and differentiated our offerings to allow us to help more people. We have long thought we were more than just another CF gym but due to the stigma behind the word CrossFit people were having a hard time hearing us over the noise of misinformed public opinion. We are now WiscoFit, we offer one of the best CrossFit programs in the area, a growing bootcamp, a weight lifting club for those who like to move heavy things and personal training for anyone not interested in the group training environment.

We will use our Healthy Lifestyle Blog to share tips, tricks and insights for what a healthy lifestyle could look like for you and how adding a sound exercise program to your life can and should change your life. We will challenge the norm and more than likely offend at times.

Alright enough with the sales pitch what’s up with that title?!

I am going to use our own personal learning experience here but I suspect if you are reading this it will sound familiar-

Our goal when we opened in 2013 was to offer both an exceptional gym experience and a quality nutrition plan. We thought the paleo diet was the bees knees back then and pushed it on everyone that came through our door. We would do several Paleo or “clean eating” challenges a year awarding prizes and free memberships to the winners. We stopped doing that when we started noticing a trend. That trend was us failing our members.

We created these fairly strict guidelines, for 30 days for everyone to follow. Those that joined the challenge would see great success, lose inches upon inches and 10-20+lbs in 30 days! We never pushed shakes, cleanses or any other BS the fitness or holistic industries may have been pedaling at the time but were we really any better than the shake, wrappers or pill pushers? In my opinion we were not.

The client would finish feeling and looking great ready to conquer the world. Then life happens and they would almost always slip back to that old routine.

Sound familiar yet?….

If you are not happy with your personal health or the way you look I suspect you’ve tried some sort of weight loss trend. The hot one right now is keto, before that it was flexible dieting and so and so on.

The problem with all of them especially the shake diets being sold by the shredded guy or girl on your FB/IG feeds is balance. How do you balance your crazy life after the 24, 30 or however many days is over. If during that time you were not working to fix the poor habits that were feeding the problem areas in your life. Which means they will still be there when your plan is over. And back to the yo-yo you go.

We have been working to develop our Healthy Lifestyle Program for the past few years with that very thought in mind. Drastic change works in the short term, we’ve seen it, you’ve seen it and there’s no arguing it. However if you are looking for lasting results small changes daily will result in longer lasting and better results overall. When you’ve learned, worked to create and finally created the habit of meal prepping 1 or two days a week, packing your lunch the night before and/or being more prepared week to week, day to day that’s when the true magic will happen. You’ll find balance.

You won’t be searching for the next fad or wondering why you are not losing/gaining. You’ll know. Had a stressful week, things didn’t go to plan and the scale went up a bit. Turns out you have the power to hit the reset button on Sunday(or whatever day)prepare for the new days ahead. It takes work to be able to do this, small actions daily actually. Weight loss or weight gain is not linear. You’ll go up, down, sideways and every other way(…is there others?) as long as the end result is what you are seeking you are moving in the right direction.

As you learn to make those small actions a priority they will become a habit. Once there, habits are tough to shake. In this case that’s a great thing!!!

It takes work to make change. You’ll need to work to prioritize your own personal health or you will continue to find excuses as to why you can’t. You have to want change to work for it and(as our members are discovering this week) you have to be open to change for it to happen.

Over the next 6 weeks we will diving in to the topic of finding and creating balance in your daily routine. First up this week because we live in Wisconsin on the outskirts of Milwaukee which is home to dozens of Micro-breweries we thought we would touch on alcohol.

Some weeks we will cover the topic ourselves and some weeks others will have covered it better than we ever could so we’ll share a link to that article. This week Precision Nutrition knocked it out of the park so we’ll let them take it from here


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