If you’ve spent anytime on the interweb researching fitness trends, “cutting” edge nutrition plans, or the best diet practices then you probably feel like Dorothy and Toto getting whisked away by the big bad Tornado. It can be daunting and confusing when you are looking to get help or change your diet.

There’s a reason for that, several actually so let’s dive in… don’t worry I’ve got my ruby red shoes on just in case-

1- Everyone has something to sell. (Even this blog post will finish with a sales pitch.) It’s common to see varying fitness professional argue about which diet/meal plan is the best or even shame someone for doing something different. They are arguing because they believe their approach is the best…. and they COULD be right.

2- There are dozens, if not hundreds of different diets, cleanses and meal plans out right now. Most will work if executed as intended. I say most because some are just silly and we won’t go into them. Now if you expect your 7 day juice cleanse to magically fix the bad habits that caused whatever issue you were cleansing out you are sorely mistaken.

SO what do I do if everyone has an angle and most will work? How do I know which one is right for me?

Try One.

Get Started.

Where you start is not where you’ll finish as long as you actually get started. If you’ve tried a few on your own with little to no success or short lived results then it’s time to hire someone. (We can Help!)

I have a story to share before we part ways today to hopefully help you understand there’s no such thing as best- just what works for you and what won’t.

My Wife and I eat fairly well. The pillars of our diet are based on whole real food, quality protein sources and colorful veggies. We are far from perfect and enjoy a good pizza or a burger and fries on occasion(I have a “thing” for Ice cream too). Thankfully neither one of us have any real food sensitivities to worry about so we can enjoy some food freedoms when we want.

Sounds great right? Well yes and no.

My current goal is just to maintain but even with that goal I can’t eat enough, my activity level and caloric burn each day is 4k+. So rather than pounding not great food choices to meet a ridiculously high macro number, I focus on quality and use my energy levels each day as my measuring stick. For you macro trackers that means most days I’m probably in a deficit.  I keep an eye on my BF and overall wt. As long as there is no drastic changes in either, I’m sleeping ok and my energy levels are high there’s no reason to change my routine or lack of one. If my goals or priorities shift then tracking may be something I need to focus on, but right now I’m maintaining just fine without and it’s one less thing I have to do on my phone.

This approach does NOT work for my wife.

We’ve dialed her macro’s in a few times for which she saw some results but it wasn’t inspiring for her, some results lasted and others not so much. As a working professional, the mom guilt is real on her off days and she finds it hard to sneak to the gym (that we own) because our son wants all the momma time he can get. Making it challenging to separate mom from threenager even with dad present. Some of you have even witnessed this LOL.

Tracking macros got to be too taxing for her so we needed to find something simple that she could believe in and see results. Insert Weight Watchers. Please understand as a fitness professional, there are many things I don’t agree with in their program, most of which my wife doesn’t use anyway. But that last part really doesn’t matter.


Because she started.  She’s trying something different and it’s working for her.

Who am I to Judge?

Once she hits her goal, we’ll work together to find a sustainable plan to keep the weight she’s lost off. Will it be WW… maybe, maybe not? IDK- we’ll see what happens when we get there.

If you are ready for change, need help or maybe just want to start a convo about your goals.