We have one week left in our 2019 New Years Resolution Challenge. Between our weekly workouts and daily habit work our challengers have hopefully begun to find a sustainable routine that works for them. Some have been able to stick to a fairly strict diet the entire time and are seeing the fruits of that hard work pay off in either performance, weight loss or both.

With the challenge coming to a close we wanted touch on a potential next step for them or anyone who is on a weight loss journey finding their way back to health.

There are two storms looming on the other side of a challenge, one for those who failed to create new healthy habits and one for those that were so strict with their diet it’s not realistic to continue past 6 weeks. The storms may sound different but it will leave the same end result. You will be right back to where you started.

How do we avoid this storm and what can we do to stay on the path to success?

Find balance! One of our goals during this challenge was to introduce what a quality meal plan could like look and how to implement that plan. Now with us nearing the end we need to address what happens next and that’s balance.

You’ve probably heard me or one of our staff mention the 80/20 rule. In our opinion if you are playing the long game the 80/20 rule combined with whole real food will lead you down a path with the greatest potential for success. Yes, fad diets may get you there faster but history has shown us and unfortunately you have probably experienced this fact, those results do not last.

Before we dive in to how to navigate the 80/20 rule I wanted to share a pic from myfitness pal laying out peoples expectations for weight loss and what it actually looks like. I would argue for women the swings are even more drastic.

Everyone always thinks weight loss will happen continuously in a straight line. That thought couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s the exact reason people look for quick fixes. The inability to play the long game. Basically you are trying to play checkers with a chess set.

If you truly want lasting results and want them to continue you need to find a routine that works for you and balance it with the life you want to live. That balance comes from 80/20. Here is how it works-

80% of the time you are eating whole real food based around our meal plan, macros or whatever diet you are following. The other 20% you can have a beer, your favorite food freedom or maybe some ice cream!

An example week could look something like this-

Going in to the week you know you have a party on Saturday, hopefully you use the skills acquired over the last 6 weeks to plan and prep your week.

Monday= 100% Mondays are easy when planned.

Tuesday= 90/10 Co-Worker brought donuts. Not a big deal(keep it to just one!!!)

Wednesday= 70/30 Boss took you to lunch to a place known for their burgers/fries(drink water and maybe ditch the fries for a side salad or veggies)

Thursday= 100% Slow day at the office

Friday=90/10 It’s Friday a drink was in order

So far your balance=90/10 Ahead of the game!

Saturday= 70/30 or even 60/40 with a quality Sunday and you would still hit your 80/20 balance.

Start the day with a quality meal and continue to do so right up to the party. If it’s later maybe eat dinner before you go and only have an appetizer at the party. The trick would be to not completely go off the rails at the party. Have a few drinks and possible a snack or two but don’t turn it in to eating and drinking all the things all night. If your goals are a priority to you then this balance will out weigh a guilty pleasure or two.

The example above is what balance could look like. It takes work and a bit of planning. Ideally your Mon-Thurs would be a bit steadier but I wanted to show you what a real life week looks like not the ideal week for my story. We can promise it will work and the results you achieve from putting this plan in to action will far outlast any quickly earned results via shakes or crash diets.

Check out this vid on IG from precision nutrition- It answers the question of why the long game better than we ever could-

The good news is we can help you navigate this plan via our healthy lifestyle program. A coach will literally be at your finger tips ready to answer questions or concerns when you have them. If you are ready to start seeing lasting results we are ready for you! You do not have to be a member to join our healthy lifestyle program.

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